The idea was floated in 1990 to launch a professional company specializing exclusively in water and environmental services to tap the expected growth and demand in this sector.

The company started with serving basic water treatment requirements of our industrial consumers, like RO Plants, Filters, Softeners, De-Ionizer, Chemicals for Boiler & Cooling Circuits and Ion Exchange Resin, etc.

During last more than 20 years the company has reached to the level where we excel especially in Reverse Osmosis Desalination and recently came up with a new concept of treating and recycling the textile effluent to serve the bulk consumer and helped in addressing the environmental issues and to come up to the expectation of foreign buyers of our textile products.

With the help of the latest technologies like SBRs & MBRs in the field of industrial effluent treatment fluid technology international (pvt.) ltd. has become the leading suppliers of Reverse Osmosis Systems with 100% satisfied customers within the region with an installed desalination capacity of more than 10 MGD.

Fluid Technology International (Pvt.) Ltd. is ISO 9001:2015 Certified and show Customer Focus with full commitment to speed up this pace of development with the sole objective of offering the best products and professional services in the most economical way for the benefit of our commercial and industrial consumers for their water and wastewater treatment requirement.



With the growth in the industrial and manufacturing sectors the demand for water in industrial applications is rising at an alarming rate and this scenario is increasingly becoming more serious with depleting natural water resources. Environmental pollution due to untreated waste being dumped by our industry demands for individual and collective effluent treatment facilities and FTI is one of the most professional and leading water and waste-water treatment Company is well-set to serve this growing market requirement



To meet the ever-rising demand for industrial water and wastewater treatment and recycling with the best professional and cost effective approach. Our efforts will be targeted to establish. Reverse Osmosis Desalination process is the most cost-effective the process to convert sea / brackish water into water acceptable for domestic and industrial applications