FTI cooling water products are formulated to control cooling water system based on make-up water quality and system requirements. Our
advanced cooling water treatment products are specifically developed to be used across a wide range of commercial, industrial and process applications. The salient features of few of our products from our complete range are given here for quick reference.
All Organic Corrosion Inhibitor — CoolCare 4010
is an excellent all organic cooling water scale and corrosion inhibitor developed to operate at high LSI or severe scaling condition. It provides superior scale and corrosion protection to steel, aluminum, copper and other non-ferrous metals.
Antifoulant/Corrosion Inhibitor — CoolCare 4015
is an advanced scale and corrosion inhibitor for highly stressed cooling water condition where high pH and high calcite saturation exists. The product is thermally and hydrolytically stabled at high temperature or in presence of oxidizing biocides.
Zinc Based Corrosion Inhibitor — CoolCare 4020
is a highly effective zinc based corrosion inhibitor and dispersant for highly corrosive water such as RO permeate or Soft water. It provides superior inhibition to both ferrous and non-ferrous metal corrosion.
Zinc/Phosphonates Corrosion Inhibitor — CoolCare 4030
is an excellent blend of proprietary phosphonates with stabilized zinc salts. The corrosion protection & scale inhibition results are un-believable at low dosages.
Dispersant/Antifoulant - CoolCare 4035
is a combination of polymeric dispersant & Antifoulant specially designed for use in industrial cooling water system where iron oxide, silt, debris and particulate are contaminants.
Multifunctional Nitrite Based Corrosion Inhibitor - CoolCare 4050
is superior multifunctional corrosion inhibitor for closed cooling, chilled water and hot water systems. The nitrite & other inhibitors gives optimum results at low treatment levels when compared to other available inhibitors.
Multifunctional All Organic Corrosion Inhibitor - CoolCare 4055
is an all organic corrosion inhibitor for closed cooling and heating system. It provides high performance and unique multi-metal protection in the presence of aggressive ions (chloride and sulphate). In addition, excellent protection is provided in low or no-calcium waters by adsorbing onto iron oxide surfaces.
E-COOL 652 (Engine Coolant)
is a highly effective corrosion inhibitor for used in engine cooling circuits. The product protects cooling systems against corrosion, liner pitting, cavitation-erosion and mineral scale deposits. E-COOL 652 functions as a protective, film-forming corrosion inhibitor and scale suppressant to keep engines clean and free from scale, and reduces downtime and maintenance cost.
Non-Oxidizing Biocide — BioCare 5010
is a broad spectrum biocide containing very powerful activity against algae, fungi and bacteria. It is particularly effective against sessile bacteria and it is also effective against anaerobic bacteria such as Sulfate reducing bacteria (SRBs).
Non-Oxidizing Biocide - BioCare 5020
is an advanced, biodegradable non-oxidizing biocide specifically developed for the control of microbiological growth in cooling water systems. It is very effective against bacteria and achieves a significant kill rate in 1 to 3 hours.
Non-Oxidizing Biocide - BioCare 5040
is highly effective bactericide, fungicide and algaecide for use in controlling growth of micro-organism found in paper mills, drilling fluids, secondary and tertiary petroleum recovery, fracturing fluids, work over and completion fluids, flue gas desulphurization thickeners, hydrocarbon fluids storage, beet sugar mills and cane sugar mills. It is also effective for industrial water cooling towers, evaporative condensers, and air washer systems.
Oxidizing Biocide - BioCare 5030
is a combination of Hypochlorite solution plus a non-ionic surfactant to help penetrate biofilms. Highly effective against bacteria, fungi and algae in recirculating cooling water systems.
Oxidizing Biocide - BioCare 5050
is an aqueous bromide solution and is used in variety of applications in cooling water and wastewater applications to control bacteria, algae, fungi and mollusks in water. The chlorine is added in conjunction with BioCare 5050 to activate the bromide ion to form biocidal Hypobromous acid compound.
Algaecide - BioCare 5325
is a highly efficient microbiocide developed for the control of algae in cooling water and related systems. It provides synergistic actions in combination with chlorine, bromine and halogen release agents, and is used to control wide range of algae and fungi found in cooling water systems.