March 1991

A leading supplier of Ion Exchange Resins Ms PUROLITE signed an agreement for exclusive distribution rights for Pakistani Market.

June 1991

Fluid Technology International went into an agreement with an old British company M/s HOUSEMAN LIMITED specializing in water treatment chemicals for Boilers, Cooling Systems, Chemical Cleaners and Biocides. This association gave Fluid Technology International a real boost in Water treatment area with more than 100 years of Houseman’s experience at their door step and Houseman’s name behind Fluid Technology International.

August 1991

HOUSEMAN decided to give Fluid Technology International exclusive Marketing rights of their PERMACARE range of products for Reverse Osmosis system support chemicals.

January 1992

The year when it was decided to convert Fluid Technology International from proprietorship concern to a Private Limited Company keeping in view the expected growth and image building.

April 1992

The company extended its activities by reaching an understanding with AUTOROL to market their water treatment plant controls in this area.

February 1993

The operations were shifted to a new site with more spacious and well-equipped setup to offer improved services to our valuable customers.

January 1995

Culligan Int’l authorized FTI to market exclusively their water treatment systems in industrial market of Pakistan.

April 1995

One of the most appreciated and well-arranged FTI Reference Key was published for the benefit professional engineers working in their respective area.

January 1996

CUNO Inc., appointed FTI as their exclusive distributors in Pakistan for their Food service products, especially for corporate clients like Pepsi Inc., Coca Cola, KFC, Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Pizza Express, TGI Fridays, Chilies etc.

March 1996

First Boiler Maintenance Chart for quick reference of boiler Operators was launched in Urdu which was widely appreciated and is still in use.

October 1997

Due to acquisition of HOUSEMAN by a French Group DEGREMONT and change of Name From HOUSEMAN to Aquazur , Later another takeover of this Group by NALCO and their strategic corporate decision to keep only NALCO in market at that stage led us to join hands with a very fast growing and research oriented company in water treatment business i.e. R.DONA from Italy.

January 1998

WATERLINK TECHNOLOGY selected FTI to market their Reverse Osmosis systems in this growing market, since FTI was free to work with any associate due to take over of Culligan by US filter and later US Filter Take over by Vivendi Water and their strategic decision of pulling out Culligan Int’l from industrial market.

July 1999

KINGLEE TECHNOLOGIES, A leading name in Reverse Osmosis Chemistry selected FTI as their partners to market their products in Pakistan.

January 2000

FTI website launched.

March 2000

Vivendi Water working with FTI exclusively in the area of Waste Water Treatment and Recycling.

August 2002

FTI became one of the few National Water Treatment companies to be ISO certified.

March 2003

As a corporate policy decision to enhance the image of the company and keeping in pace with changing trends, a newly designed corporate brochure, individual product brochures and completely updated FTI reference key was republished.

May 2003

Completely redesigned and one of the most comprehensive, practical and interactive WEB site was launched for the benefit of our customers and prospects in addition to update ourselves with market demands. This is in continuation to our commitment to serve our customers in best possible way.

June 2004

Under the umbrella of FTI, state of the art BWF was established being the first to be NSF, HACCP & IBWA certified bottled water facility in Pakistan.

March 2004

New Lahore office became functional in March which is fully equipped and capable of serving the requirement of our customer in that market in March 2004.

October 2004

Several new projects were started with local companies, with an effort to increase business projections and also to generate a portfolio for future projects. Talks with projects in Abu Dhabi start.

April 2005

Abu Dhabi projects start, projects culminating in several huge plants and deliveries of new technological advancements to help deliver projects quickly and easily. 

October 2005

Abu Dhabi’s key alliances are formed with several players for future projects, while starting of a few notable plants in Pakistan as well. 

June 2006

Target set for a record breaking project completion in the year, at the half way, key projects and proposals submitted for projects in Pakistan and UAE. 

November 2006

Target Achieved. Marking the most projects completed in a calendar year with notable projects in Abu Dhabi as well as key projects in Pakistan to achieve this result. 

May 2007

Received an initial plan to work on the biggest project in the history of the company in Abu Dhabi, the projects initial talks were held. 

December 2007

Our team expanded by two folds to complete the biggest project in our history, taking our revenue streams off the charts and bringing in a wave of huge leaps in the companies history.

July 2008

Expansion of our team and offices with several projects under works which are set to be completed during this year, work remaining on our Biggest Project in our history was completed in Abu Dhabi

August 2009

Focus was shifted on starting a lab and chemical production to supply to our clients, expanding our business and the industries we serve. Sales teams were introduced to help take this undertaking and bring life to this project.

October 2010

Another project in Abu Dhabi received, the project was in several folds and was key to help bring in funds for our expansions in our own mineral water brand VEY

May 2011

Focus remained on finalizing our projects in Abu Dhabi and also finalizing the projects in Pakistan. Expansion started in VEY to bring a new competitor in the market to challenge the local vendors. 

April 2013

Our projects were increasing, we received a key project for TRI-PACK to produce a 30 m3/hr plant to help them ease their water demands.

April 2014

In Pakistan we were honored to receive a project for Mehran Plastic for a 50,000 IGPD plant to help them. Furthermore, we received several other projects including a Gatron plant of 110,000 IGPD and a P.P.L project of 30 m3/hr.

July 2015

This year was a breakthrough year for the company, we received 10 major projects this year, from them a few key highlights were, King Crete Project of 36,000 IGPD, Humera Industries project of 100,000 IGPD, Kohinoor Soap & Detergent project of 50,000 IGPD and the biggest project of the year for Al-Karam at 300k IGPD.

October 2016

Apart from a regular project growth and chemicals selling, we were given the honor of working with K-Electric to provide them with 2 plants in the same year, 3,985 m3/Day & 3,288 m3/Day.

May 2017

Our year had begun as it does, with several key projects coming in we were tasked with working on the Coastal Power Containerized SWRO-02 Plants with a 250K US GPD.

September 2018

After completing the Coastal Containerized plants in record time we were tasked with making the Coastal Power Residential Containerized SWRO Plants with a 50,000 US GPD and the Coastal Power Containerized SWRO-3 Plants which were 2x 250K US GPD our biggest projects of the year.

May 2019

K-Electric returned with another project this year Multi-media Filtration
System which was a highlight of this year, among 8 other projects that were completed as well. We also received a project from BYCO Petroleum Pakistan Ltd for their Ultrafiltration System of 2.80 MGD

August 2020

During the time Covid Hit, we had already started work on one of the biggest projects of the company’s history. The Coastal Power Containerized SWRO-4 Plant which was a 25 X 200k IGPD UFRO Containerized Plant for a combined 1M US GPD.

April 2021

Our projects were on going during the past years in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, one of the key projects that was completed in this year was, UF RO Containerized Plant for 6.25M GPD. We also received a CONTAINERIZED SWRO SYSTEM
INCLUDING OPEN SEA WATER INTAKE job for 2 x 200K IGPD plants and a MMF-RO Brackish Water Plant (PROJECT 5501) with a 126K USGPD

July 2022

In the current year we have had almost 15 projects due, we have completed several of them, with key projects such as AISHA STEEL Plants of 100K USGPD and 126K USGPD, MATCO FOODS LIMITED plant of 380K USGPD. ALKARAM TOWEL INDUSTRIES plant of 200K IGPD among the notable mentions