ThermoCare range of products is not only formulated with simple target oriented solution but provide complete treatment
package. With escalating energy costs, deposits and other inefficiencies must be eliminated. Our boiler products contains
advanced treatment additives to eliminate scale, corrosion and deposits from your entire steam generation systems. The salient
features of few of our products from our complete range are given here for quick reference.
Phosphate/Polymer Blend — ThermoCare 2010
is a unique combination of phosphate and polymer that prevent scale and deposition in boiler systems. It improves heat transfer efficiency by controlling scale and sludge formation. Ingredients are in compliance with FDA and USDA regulations pertaining to boiler water additives.
All Polymer Package - ThermoCare 2015
is a highly effective polymer package program for system with hard make-up water. It effectively disperses non-adherent sludge and inhibits the formation of calcium and magnesium scale.
Coordinated Phosphate/pH Programme - ThermoCare 2017
is coordinated phosphate pH treatment programme for medium and high pressure boiler applications. The programme control hydrate alkalinity through a combination of orthophosphate in order to maintain safe boiler operation.
Multifunctional Product - ThermoCare 2020
is an excellent multifunctional product developed for boiler and boiler water systems. It contain oxygen scavengers for rapid and complete oxygen scavenging and powerful Antiscalent/dispersant to mobilize hardness or iron oxide sludge thereby preventing scale.
Catalyzed Sulphite plus Metal Passivator - ThermoCare 2030
is a special oxygen scavenger which provides rapid and complete removal of oxygen from entire thermal circuits. In addition to its oxygen scavenging property its also provides metal passivation on the entire steam condensate circuit.
Liquid Catalyzed Sulphite - ThermoCare 2035
is an oxygen scavenger that works, rapidly, effectively and safely to protect deaerators, feed water system and boiler. Ingredients are in compliance with FDA and USDA regulations pertaining to boiler water additives.
Erythorbate Organic Inhibitor - ThermoCare 2036
is an advanced, non-volatile, organic corrosion inhibitor, developed for scavenging oxygen and passivating metal surfaces in boiler system. Ingredients are in compliance with FDA and USDA regulations pertaining to boiler water additives.
Carbohydrazide - ThermoCare 2050
is an all volatile oxygen scavenger which provides a desirable and safe replacement of hydrazine. It is recommended to be used in boilers using high purity make-up water. The product is also useful for wet-lay up of boilers and super heaters.
is neutralizing amines for steam and condensate return systems. This product will volatilize with the steam and neutralize the corrosion effect of carbon dioxide.
is a special blend of Chemical designed for the treatment of boiler water. The addition of ThermoCare 2013 to the boiler water effectively prevents the accumulation of scale, sludge and disperses calcium, magnesium, iron, phosphate and silica through boiler.
Water Testing Kits & Equipments
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