MEDIA FILTRATION has been followed as most reliable economical and proven process for removal of suspended solids as pretreatment to different downstream processes even in this age of latest development.

CARBON due to its inherent properties of absorbing color, chlorine, organics and odor is still being used as main treatment option or as part of process being selected for the purification of water.

ULTRAFILTRATION is being used more effectively as pretreatment to RO systems especially on surface water feed and sea water systems.

DISSOLVED AIR FLOATATION (DAF) is an effective way removing floating particles along with biological and algae contamination in addition to hydrocarbon. The system can be incorporated with depth filtration.



ION EXCHANGE softening is an old and proven process to tackle this issue on applications suited for this process.Calcium and magnesium salts (hardness) in applications of heat transfer result in precipitation giving scaling problem leading to energy loss, reduced flow passes means increased maintenance.

NANOFILTRATION, Membrane base systems can also be offered in certain applications without use of chemical and regeneration.



BRACKISH WATER: Osmoflo-Series RO Systems are designed to provide high quality water under the vigorous demands of continuous operation and harsh environment.

SEA WATER: Seaflo-Series RO Systems are designed to provide high quality water with most economical power consumption incorporating Energy Recovery Turbines (ERT). Each part is carefully selected to perform under extremely harsh sea water conditions including Zeron/Super Duplex material for feed and reject pipe works to ensure maximum life cycle of the whole system. These are premium quality systems engineered to be the best the industry can offer



RESIN BASED: Deminflo-Series has been designed and assembled with high quality components to meet the high purity water standards of industrial, medical and commercial market. Systems with various options including polishing provisions available.ELECTRO DE-IONIZATION (EDIflo-Series) System without use of chemical and continuous production of high purity water can also be designed and supplied depending on clients specific applications.