FTI cleaners versatile and effective solutions for broad range of cleaning and industrial application
CleanCare 6010
is excellent de-scaler based on sulfuric acid to clean hardness & metallic deposits from the surface in copper, carbon steel or stainless steel. The product is fully inhibited, economical and will remove most of the scale.
CleanCare 6020
is an inhibited pickling agent carrying phosphoric for cold & warm conditions and to be used as pretreatment of metallic surfaces & cleaning agent towards different types of deposits. It deoxidizes tanks, pipelines, boilers & cooling circuits either new or old.
CleanCare 6040
is highly concentrated, inhibited hydrochloric acid based descaler specially formulated to remove scale from boilers, heat exchangers, condensers and similar equipment in all types of industries, hotels, commercial establishments, hospitals, etc.
CleanCare 7010
is highly effective neutralizer used after acidic cleaning. The liquid product makes it easier to use and reduce the rate of corrosion after descaling process.
CleanCare 7020
is a heavy duty alkaline neutralizer plus conditioner
for all metal surfaces. The liquid product makes it easier to use and
drastically reduce corrosion rates after descaling process
Passicare 9010
is a phosphate based premier corrosion inhibitor and sequestrant used after the descaling and neutralization process. It actively inhibits corrosion by forming a microscopic, protective film on the inside of metal surfaces. Passicare 9010 also find application in the treatment of potable water to act as sequestering agent to reduce stains, discoloration, and rusty water caused by iron and manganese
Passicare 9050
is a nitrite based metal passivator/corrosion inhibitor used after the descaling and neutralization process for industrial water systems. The nitrite & other inhibitors gives optimum results at low treatment levels when compared to other available inhibitors.
CleanCare 6050
is a liquid blend of components that displays excellent performance in removing metal oxides from metals in aqueous systems including industrial & commercial system applications. CleanCare 6050 can remove corrosion products from metal surfaces which include chiller systems, heat exchangers, auxiliary equipment and system piping. CleanCare 6050 can remove corrosion products from metal surfaces which include chiller systems, heat exchangers, auxiliary equipment and system piping.
CleanCare 6060
is highly effective pre-commission cleaner for closed cooling and heating systems. CleanCare 6060 is a chelant and polymer based cleaning agent developed specifically to remove iron oxide and scale deposits from within a closed cooling or heating systems.
CleanCare 6070
will chemically clean the fouled resin bed of a water softener and restore the exchange capacity of the resin. Most types of water softening resins can become fouled with iron and other contaminants that will affect the performance of the ion exchange system. Iron fouling can cause channeling, pressure drop, loss of capacity, hardness and iron leakage.
CorrCare 6030
is a specific corrosion inhibitor for various acids with strong detergent power and low foaming. It effectively inhibits corrosion during the descaling and de-rusting process. The product is soluble in water at any ratio, as well as in either concentrated or diluted acid.
Water Testing Kits & Equipments
FTI offers wide range of portable test kits, in-field laboratories, advanced water analysis equipment, Reagents, Tablets, pH meter (online & portable), TDS/Conductivity meter (online & portable), Dosing tank & Dosing pumps, Automatic conductivity controller and many more